Dear Becca: How can I stop the worry train?

Dear Becca,

"spinning around" Some rights reserved by Maria G.I.Sometimes my mind just won’t shut off when things aren’t just right with Michael. I practice discussions with him in my head over and over and over again and, frankly, it tends to make matters worse because I can’t sleep, which makes me worry more, which keeps me up, which makes me… well, you get the idea. What can I do to keep things from going round and round in my head?



Dear Jennifer,

We tend to ruminate or worry when there’s something going on that’s disturbing or needs to be solved.

A friend of mine once wrote a poem about this very thing:

Dryer Thought

Tumble dry conversation
Round and round in my head
Practiced telepathic tête-à-tête
The explanation
You cannot hear
The clack of holdfasts and the other shoe
Spinning in the night

Sound familiar?

Fortunately you do not have to be stuck forever. Please see “Excerise #2 – Stopping Rumination.

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