001 – The 2 Minute Miracle

Photo by "Nicola since 1972" via Flikr.comWhat if just 4 minutes a day could improve your relationship with your heartmate. The 2 minute miracle is the subject of our first podcast.


If the player doesn’t show, you can click here to listen: WEfulness 001 – The 2 Minute Miracle

For further information, you can read the article that inspired the broadcast: 2 Minute Miracle by Shane Adamson


(Please note: The audio is transcribed “as is,” spoken grammar glitches and all.)

Welcome to Wefulness where we discuss the science of profound connection.  I am WEfulness co-director Gregory Blake.  Today we are talking with relationship expert Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen.  Besides being a professional psychologist and licensed counselor, she is also my co-editor and the professional voice at WEfulness.com.

G:  Hi Becca, it’s great to finally get in touch with you.

R:  Oh yeah, it’s so good to talk to you.  I’ve really been looking forward to today.

G:  The reason I wanted to talk to you today was mostly because of something you sent me from a colleague of yours the other day.  I believe the title is “The 2 Minute Miracle” and I was wondering if you could talk first about the issue he was trying to address. Continue reading