I gained self-esteem by…

Do you no-longer have low self esteem? What happened? Was it an internal decision or a result of an external influence? Both?

4 thoughts on “I gained self-esteem by…

  1. My change in self esteem has been gradual. The first part was external. My husband and friends metaphorically knocked some sense into me. Once it actually hit home that they are right, I developed the (excuse the language but the implied anger helped a great deal) “F*** ’em Ideology”. What IS the “F*** ’em Ideology”? Well I finally decided that if someone doesn’t like my ideas, opinions or other forms of expression, f*** em. I don’t need people like that in my life. So I got rid of the people who were counter productive to my life. People may still not like who or what I am or the ideas I express but I have stopped worrying about it. That in itself has done wonders for my self esteem. I am now content with myself now. I love who I am cause I’m pretty freakin awesome 😀 It has taken me 41 years to get to this point. It’s a shame I wasted all that time but I have a long, happy life to look forward to just being me.

  2. Mine was an internal decision – based on being unhappy with my weight and body image.

    After a lot of hard work, I’m now 33 kilograms and 3 shirt sizes smaller, and feel much more confident.

  3. Mine was a somewhat startling revelation that the whole world wasn’t part of an exclusive club with a “No Vacancies” sign on their door. People see the world through different lenses and it’s a matter of becoming aware of the lenses you wear that allows you to slowly take off the old and put on the new.

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